Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm still alive!

I know I need to play some catch up with this poor neglected blog of mine. I love looking back and smiling from the good times and learning from the hard times. So much has happened since the last time I blogged. For starters -- moved to SL, Allen started at Goldman Sachs, my time at Qualtrics ended as I found a new job that applied more to my major, we walked for spring graduation at BYU in April, bought new furniture for the apartment, and the list goes on...but those are some of the big moments of the year so far! Life has thrown some unexpected curve balls my way as well, but the beauty of it is realizing that life keeps moving on. It always has and it always will. We can take from our trials what we want and choose to look for the rainbows after the storms. I think it's therapeutic sharing life experiences with each other knowing that we all are in this roller coaster life together and it's not going to be a continual high. We have to experience the low points as well and we all will have those times in life so we might as well help each other through it. Whether it's the loss of a loved one or wishing for something that means a lot to you in life that you can't have -- I really believe it makes you a better and stronger person in the end even if you don't realize it in the moment. Sometimes it can be hard to live in the moment. We are creatures of habit where naturally we tend to dwell on the past too much and try to live in future too early. What about right now? We'll miss those moments in the now if we don't stop and relish it all in. I'm not trying to turn this post into a trial post, but I do think it's important that we share the good things in life with each other as well as the hard things, because they do and will occur at some time or another. It's times like that in life when you really realize what's most, friends, and people in your life that you are truly connected to. The ones that would do anything for you and you would do anything for them. I consider myself a pretty private person with my deeper more personal feelings, or at least getting into details about them, and don't really open up about things unless I am extremely close with a person. However, I think the mere fact of admitting that life may not always go the way as you had hoped for and that yes, it can be hard, is enough to let somebody else know going through something hard that they are not alone. There is something about finding strength in numbers! Here's a quote I like:

"Self-acceptance comes from meeting life's challenges vigorously. Don't numb yourself to your trials and difficulties, nor build mental walls to exclude pain from you life. You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory."
-- Donald Walters

Now moving on to a lighter note.I had one of those awkward moments today that was great. I love awkward moments. Is that strange? I only wish I could have a record (as in REE-cord) button on my body so anytime one of those "moments" triggered I'd be ready on command. Well, today I was coaching out at Ancestry in Provo and one of my clients said something that embarrassed him quite a bit. At the end of our meeting he stood up and said, "love you." He turned bright red and when I say red I really mean BRIGHT red and he quickly says, "I am so sorry! I just talked to my wife on the phone so it's a habit to say that at the end of a conversation." Hahaha I tried my best to laugh and not make it TOO awkward for him! He was already somewhat of a shy guy to begin with so he didn't really know what to say or how to handle the situation after it happened. I think that was the quickest I've seen a client try and slip out the door. Poor guy. That's ok, I had one of those awkward moments with one of my jobs in college when I worked at Agemni. It had been a long day and I was really tired and the "greeting" on the phone became so routine I wouldn't even think about what I was saying since it became second nature. Instead of saying Hi, Candace at Agemni how can I help you? I said Hi, Candace at Agemni how can I hold you? Wow. Really? How can I hold you? If it was a girl on the phone I guess that would have been less awkward...or maybe that could have been more awkward? Hahaha. The guy responded back, "what?" I totally know he heard what I said, but I think he wanted me to confirm what I said so I'd feel even more awkward. :) I'm one of those people where I can laugh at things like that so I just started laughing and apologized to him for non-intentionally trying to hit on him.We had a quote board at Agemni where we'd write awkward/weird things that people would say (including ourselves) so you bet that went up on the board. I'm thinking we need to do the same thing at my current job, because we definitely get some very interesting/weird comments from clients. I do have to admit, however, if I trip on my own shoe or have a little fall or close to a fall I will totally look around and make sure no one was watching. Let's face it -- when we see someone else do that we naturally want to laugh, after we know their okay that is, or on the contrary some people laugh no matter what so I know some strangers are bound to laugh over the fact that my flip-flop tripped me. Classic.

Things with my new job so far (as in new, the past three months) have been going great! It's wonderful finding a job that applies to your major and something you have a passion for. I'm a wellness coach for several different companies and it's amazing to see the change in other peoples lives and watch them transform into new people. Not only does it motivate them, but it motivates me as well to live a healthier life! I have thought several times I should do wellness posts on my blog and write down the things I have learned, it's just for times sake that I haven't done so. My intentions are good, but I find myself wanting to get out and run around with my free time since I sit down a lot during the day. I always find myself blogging more in the winter time. I just enjoy the sunshine too much to not be out enjoying it! Update with Allen's job as well. He started in February at Goldman Sachs in the GIR (Global Investment Research) department and was assigned to the team of internet research, which he was ecstatic about! He is a true business man at heart and is really good at what he does. People don't realize what a hard position it is to get into GIR and that's why I've got to put the spotlight on him for a minute because he has worked so hard to get where he's at and I'm happy he has a job he loves so much! I've always admired his dedication to work hard; he is a great example of that to those around him. Well, I better wrap it up, this has turned into a longer post than expected -- so if you're still reading then happy soon-to-be weekend! How I love the weekends! And long weekends at that. Happy memorial day weekend!

Here are some pics that the amazing Ciara Richardson took for my grad photos. She's got mad skills and never disappoints. I really love all of her work!


Wedding Information said...

Well...It made me very happy in my heart to see that you finally decided to update your blog. Well done, well done. You're pictures look a-mazing, of course! Now you just need to post some pictures of your new apartment and have a baby, I think then I'll be satisfied;)

Jules and BJ said...

I'm not sure why it says my name is "wedding information", but it's not. It's Julia.

Candace and Allen Churchill said...

I was wondering who wedding information was and hoping it wasn't some stranger without telling me who they were haha. I'm glad you clarified that :)

Carrera said...

LOVING the dark hair. Seriously. You're beautiful!

Maike, Porter & Little Po said...

I'm glad you and Allen love your new jobs, that makes a big difference. We're excited to see ya'll next week, we arrive on Thurs. So funny we were just in Utah... wish we always came every other month. Keep your cal open for us, Porter animal is excited to see his aunt "shee-shee!"

Lane said...

Hey Candace! So I was looking at your blog because I didn't know if you never post anymore if I just don't know about it... looks like you never post :) ha but anyway, I saw your graduation pictures and I really like your photographer. Preston and I need some graduation/couple pictures done so I was just wondering about how much she charges?